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6-7-24 Moonlight.png
5-31-24 Moonlight .png
5-18-24 Moonlight.png
5-3-24 Moonlight.png
2 day champion 2024.jpg

Robinson Wins 2 Day Solo Championship

Tarpley Wins AOY!

2024 champion.jpg

Aderhold and Hatcher Win WCBT Classic! 

2024 Mike Oglesbee Classic!

Russell 23-24 Logo Final Ridge.png

Davis and Cannon Win Event #6 @
The Ridge with 13.07 to Claim $3,000!

1st place 3-30-24.jpg
OGS for FC.png
Harris & Williams 19.59 3-16-24.jpg
Blue Skies

Harris and Williams Hit it Big with 19.59lbs
Cash In With
Event #5 Win!

Harris & Williams Nitro Rewards 3-16-24.jpg

Baker and Baker Cash In With
Event #4 Win!

OGS Logo for use.png
10-15-23 A.jpg
1-13-24 Ranger Cup-AmFirst.jpg

Connell Takes Solo at Mitchell


12-2-23 winners.jpg

Autry & Jones Big Winners!
Take Top Spot, Flora-Bama Big Bass

Charlie Williams 18.02 West Point Lake 11-19-23.jpg

Williams Wins West Point Fantastic Four!

Williams Win 11-19-23.jpg
Solo 11-19-23 West Point Lake .png
1st place event 2 - Arwood and Goodman.jpg

Arwood and Goodman Capture WCBT #2

$3,000.00 Payday

Russell 23-24 Logo.png

Big Day for Sanders and Burton! 

10th Annual Jim Landers Tournament Champions Skyler Sanders - Cal BUrton.png
10-15-23 A.jpg

Fantastic 4

Josh Statum Wins Solo #1 at Martin! 

10-15-23 Josh Statum.jpg
Josh Statum 10-15-23 Fish.jpg
Warren, Aaren, State Farm - Banner 2023.png

Jacob and Landon Tidwell Claim 1st WCBT of 2023-2024
With 14.40lbs

Russell 23-24 Logo.png

Johnston and Adams Win Event #6 Anchored By 4.80lb Largemouth!
Sanders and Burton Take Title!


McGuire/Seagle Win Big Spot


Sanders/Burton Grab #5!


Vernon/Thaggard 2nd and Big Bass,  Statum/McIntosh big spot in Moonlight #5

Freeman/Morgan go Back to Back!


Tarpley/Thaggard 2nd, Morgan/Seagle with big bass and big spot in Moonlight #4

Freeman and Morgan Take Event #3

McGuire/Seagle 2nd and Reaves 3rd

Win Moonlight #2

Moonlight Winners 5-12-23.jpg

Freeman Takes First in Moonlight #1

2023 Mooncrusher Moonlight Series 5-5-23.jpg

Baker and Baker Back to Back! 

Ranger Cup 4-1-23 Baker.jpg

Team wins the Mike Oglesbee WCBT Classic!

Baker and Baker Win WCBT #6 and $11,500.00 with 15.61lbs! 


Rutland and Lane Strike "GOLD" 

Aderhold & Hatcher Win WCBT #4

Hatcher and Aderhold Win WCBT #4

Holmes & Guinn Win Russell Marine

Total Weight 13.69lbs, Big Fish and Big Spot

2022 WBC.jpg

Tim Hurst and Mark McCaig Hit It Big!

12-3-22 Hurst.jpg

Team Chandler Wins WCBT #2 With 13.72

chandler-chandler 11-5-22.jpg

Statum and Garvin Take WCBT Event 1 With 13.44

10-8-22 c.jpg

Jones and Smith Smash Anglers for Autism with 14.67lbs

2022 Anglers.jpg

Ben and Trip Weldon Win Beau McCary &
Phoenix First Flight

2022 Winners.jpg
7-1-22 Winners.jpg

Griffith and Spraggins Win Finale; Sanders and Williamson take Title!


Tarpley and Vernon Take Event #5


Sanders and Williamson Take Pivotal Event #4


Sanders and Williamson Take Moonlight #3


Jaye/Burton Wrap Up Event #2

2022 SPring Clash CHampions!.png

Ricky and Shaye Baker Wins Russell Spring Clash


McGuire/Steagle Take Event #1

2022 Moonlight Series 

Hatcher 4-2-22 B_edited.jpg

Hatcher and Aderhold Win WCBT Classic


Team Giddens Wins Ashley Outdoors


Ward and Ward Grab Windy Finale

first place.jpg

Aderhold and Hatcher Win Big

MG SF.jpg

Familiar Faces Marty Giddens and Steve Fincher Take Event #4

Wind Creek Bass Trail 2021-2022

1st Place Winners.jpg

Gunn and Bradley Grab Event #3 Victory

12-4-21 c.jpg

Crowley/Henderson Hit It Big, Win Event #2

wcbt 11-13-21 1.jpg

Simmons and Miller Win First WCBT of 21/22

Fall 2021 Benefits

Chad Miller and Chris Miller

Chad and Chris Miller win Jim Landers!

October 30th, 2021


Ward and Bobo Win Anglers For Autism

October 9th, 2021 

Elmore County High  Bass Team Benefit


Beau McCary Memorial for LMRA


Steagle and McGuire Close Out 2021 Championship! Back to Back!

12lbs Takes Event #6!


2021 Champions Justin Seagle and Dwaine McGuire

Justin Seagle and Dwaine McGuire go back to back and claim their second Moonlight Series Championship.

Moonlight #6.jpg

July 30th Winners

The final OGS Moonlight Series was held last night out of Dare Power Park in Dadeville, AL. Defending 2020 Series Champions Justin Seagle and Dwaine McGuire made it back to back wins and wrapped up their second Series Championship with a weight of 12.00lbs including the Green Monster Fishing Lights Big Bass (3.92lbs). The win, combined with the series title and big bass hauled in over $2,300 plus entry into 2022 ($720 value).

Second place went to Terry Garmon and Chris Keel who landed 10.53lbs on a very hot and tough night of fishing.

The Big Spot Side Pot went to Kevin and Kori Davis that weighed in at 3.09lbs.

Seagle and McGuire Drop Big Bag For Win in Event #5

Three point lead heading into final event!

Moonlight #5.jpg

Justin Seagle and Dwaine McGuire dropped 15.64lbs on the field to win going away.

July 23rd, 2021

Tarpley and Thaggard Win #4

Duo Breaks Run 

Moonlight #4.jpg

July 10th, 2021

Paul Tarpley and Zach Thaggard (10.68lbs) get the win on a big fish tie-breaker last night for Moonlight #4 (makeup from Friday nights lightening show). Blake Sanders and Ethan Stevenson (10.68lbs) took second followed by Justin Seagle and Dwaine McGuire in third with 10.61lbs. Tarpley and Thaggard won the Green Monster Fishing Light Big Bass Award while Lewis Hill and Jamey Walker took home the Big Spot Side Pot. Event #5 will take place on July 23rd. If you couldn’t fish the makeup and didn’t get a refund yet we can transfer it to the 23rd or refund it to you. Contact Mike Freeman at 334-740-1267.

Moonlight Series #3

Williamson and Sanders Make It 3 in a Row!

Moonlight #3.jpg

Grant Williamson and Skylar Sanders have been hard to beat so far this year on the moonlight trail. The duo weighed in 12.10lbs of bass to win the third event and stretch out their lead in the series. Zach Thaggard and Jeremiah Vernon weighed in at 11.50lbs to take second followed by Bradley Pinson and Christopher Smith in third with 11.33lbs. Williamson and Sanders also took home the Big Spot Side Pot while the team of Scotty Holley and Brian Pike captured the big bass award with a largemouth weighing 4.76lbs. The series resumes Friday, July 9th out of Dare Park.

January 4, 2043

Moonlight Series #2

Williamson and Sanders Go Back To Back!

moonlight #2_edited.jpg

Moonlight Series Replay

June 11th, 2021

OGS Moonlight Series #2 saw a repeat for the top three teams from week 1. Grant Williamson and Skylar Sanders weighed in 12.83lbs on Friday night at Dare Park to go back to back. Justin Seagle and Dwaine McGuire came home 2nd with 11.55lbs followed by birthday boy Cal Burton and his partner Joby Newman in third with 11.51lbs. Deepwater Docks Big Spot went to Wade Adams (4.07lbs) and the FX Rods Big Bass went to Cody Turner (4.92lbs).

Moonlight Series #1

Grant Williamson and Blake Sanders.jpg

Williamson and Sanders Take First Moonlight

June 4th, 2021

Grant Williamson and Blake Sanders used a 4.20lb largemouth to break a tie with defending series champions Justin Seagle and Dwaine McGuire to take home first place in Event #1 of the 2021 Moonlight Series out of Dare Park. A weight of 12.78lbs by both teams led to a tie breaker of which team had the larger big fish. Williamson and Sanders also took home the FX Rods Big Spot Side Pot weighing in a 3.98lb Lake Martin Spotted Bass. Third place of Cal Burton and Joby Newman weighed in 11.40lbs. Brent Reaves took home the Big Bass Award with a 4.40lb largemouth while also catching a Crank4Bank tagged bass worth $1,500. The rest of the field can be seen clicking the link below. 

Marty Giddens/Steven Fincher
Claim Classic

12.56 Takes Top Spot


2021 Classic Champions

April 3rd, 2021

Michael and Tim Ward Take #6

Marty Giddens and Steve Fincher Repeat

Michael Ward and birthday boy Tim Ward cashed in on a mixed bag netting 16.80lbs and the win on a blustery day at Lake Martin. The win also qualified Michael Ward (in his Nitro) for White River Marine Group Tournament Rewards! Steve Winslett took home big bas honors with a 6.12lb Largemouth and William Hodo took the Big Spot Side Pot. Ben and Trip Weldon came home third with 16lbs. Marty Giddens and Steve Fincher came in third to secure back to back Wind Creek Bass Trail AOY Titles and paid entry into the 2021-2022 season. 

OGS #5 First Place.jpg

Allen Bryan and Kevin Dunahoo Take WCBT Event #5!

February 6th, 2021

Giddens and Fincher Bring in 20.07lbs to win WCBT #4


Miller and Mejia Spot The Bigs at WCBT Event #3

16.74lbs paces field of 68


Wind Creek Bass Trail Nov. 15th, 2020


Jim Landers-OFF

November 7th, 2020


Wind Creek Bass Trail 10-11-20

1st Place Welcher-Pritchard.jpg

Beau McCary Memorial

1st Place.jpg

Ashley's Boat and RV Bass tournament


Mike Oglesbee 
WCBT Classic

November 2nd Results

Mike Oglesbee Memorial 

  1. C. Miller and J. Miller               13.36

  2. T. Weldon and B. Weldon        12.82

  3. M. Arwood and D. Coker         11.98

  4. C. Farr and R. Mask                  11.92

  5. D. Swatts and R. Stewart         11.87

  6. F.  Langley                                11.74

  7. M. Davis and M. Cannon        11.63

  8. M. Keel and L. Burton             11.62

  9. R. Reaves                                 11.51

  10. J. Smith and C. Adcock         11.49

  11. B. Reaves and P. Goggins     11.46

  12. S. Ingram                                11.45

  13. C. Staddard and G. Uiak        11.45

  14. S. Morgan and A. Morgan      11.41

  15. H. Howell and T. Lawernce    11.41

  16. W. Hodo                                   11.19

  17. S. Welcher and M. McCullers 11.18

  18. M. Turner and C. Smith          11.02

  19. P. Turner and Mikey                11.01

  20. B. Jones and E. Jones            10.74

  21. R. Miller and B. Simmons       10.57

  22. T. East and W. Ward               10.31

  23. S. Reynolds and C. Walker     10.21

  24. R. Kelly and T. Broderway       10.09

  25. R. Pritchard and L. Pritchard    9.95

  26. H. Daniel and G. Daniel           9.83

  27. C. Robinson and B. Lane         9.79

  28. J. Smith and W. Gallops          9.70

  29. B. Pitts and C. Landers            9.56

  30. B. Adamson and L. Varner       9.19

  31. D. More and C. Chandler          9.08

  32. M. Wilson and J. Huddleson    9.06

  33. Z. Weiss and B. Holt                 8.59

  34. M. Cauley and M. Cauley         8.55

  35. D. Pollard                                 8.45

  36. R. Cox and G. Fuller                8.44

  37. A. Matthews and M. Matthews   8.40

  38. B. Smith and M. Bowers            8.24

  39. M. Autry and M. Daniel            7.36

  40. C. Weaver and L. Godwin        7.02

  41. D. Crenshaw and B. Chapman   6.66

  42. R. Edwards and B. Buchan        6.35

  43. M. Syck and T. Mills                  5.66

  44. E. Veinon and T. Ayers              5.21

  45. J. Lackey                                      0

  46. J. Barrett                                       0

  47. C. Holmon and R. Sturz                0

  48. J. Baker and B. Jones                   0

  49. B. Jones                                         0

  50. P. Ashley and D. Mcclellan            0

  51. M. Hankes and S. Liphem            0

  52. R. Porter and J. Porter                  0

  53. D. Patterson and A. Patterson      0

  BIG FISH:  J. Smith and C. Adcock  3.95

Average Joe:  H. Daniel and G. Daniel   9.83

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